Absolute ” No BS” Way To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey

The Absolute ” No BS” Way To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey


Online-Presence-ManagementWhen you start your affiliate marketing journey it’s really all about personal preferences, your own strengths and weaknesses, your patience, and your financial goals.


It may not sound like the sexiest criteria to being a successful marketer, but it is the truth. If you’re brand new to this “make money online” business, article writing may be the easiest route to start off.


Article marketing is also the “slowest” way to get there.

You see, there’s a rule of thumb in ANY business you get into:

“The MORE money you spend, the faster the results will be but the riskier it becomes if it doesn’t go as planned. The LESS money you spend, the slower the results will be, but the less risky it is on your wallet.”

Then there are the affiliate marketing strategies that are a little bit of both.

When you have a good idea of “how” you want to tackle your marketing business, it is time to think about your personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • What are you good at, and what are you not?
  • Which past experiences can you tap into that will help you run your online business?
  • Do you have past business experience?
  • Do you have past sales training?
  • Are you a natural people person?

And so on.

After figuring that out the next thing you want to look at is your tolerance level and financial goals.

Normally, the two go hand-in-hand.

The bigger your financial goals, the less tolerant you are with slow marketing methods like blogging or social networking.

Patience is required no matter what way you market your affiliate business, but the way you choose to market your business (Solo Ads vs. Blogging) determines how fast you reach your goals.

If you need further instructions, pick up an affiliate marketing guide you believe you will benefit you the most.

When it all comes down to the wire, you need to stick with one marketing strategy that will give “you” the unfair advantage to succeed.

I know how tempting it is to find one method, do it, and jump to the next with the promise of faster money around the corner. Nothing wrong with that, but when it gets out of control you accomplish nothing.

If you want to do article marketing, stick with it until you make a certain amount of passive income.

If you want to do blogging, stick with that until you make a certain income with that.

If you like PPC marketing, stick with that until you succeed — and so on.

Hope this article will help you on your “No BS” affiliate marketing journey”!

To Your Success,

Rich Jablonski

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How To Rewrite PLR Articles Easily To Make It Unique

Rewrite PLR Articles Easily To Make Them Unique

Ideally, rewrite PLR  Articles so everything you publish on the web is unique and found nowhere else.

There are several ways you can ensure content stays original:

  1. Create your own content
  2. Hire a ghost writer to create original content for you
  3. Buy PLR content and customize it so that it becomes unique

The first option is obviously time consuming even for the person who loves to write.

The second option sounds reasonable but it would cost you huge sums of money. Quality ghost writers will charge large sums of money to produce great material.

The third choice is the best for the average busy marketer with a tight budget. Articles found at PLR websites are written at a fraction of what an individual ghost writer would charge for the same content.

But of course it’s cheap for a reason:

other people are buying the same content and posting it on their own websites, which is why you need to learn how to rewrite PLR or customize it.

If you’re not a writer, then rewriting all that material will seem like a hard job but with a few tips and guidelines you could learn how to do it in minutes.

Here’s how:

Learn how your readers approach web content.

People don’t read content on a computer the same way they do on a physical book.

Let’s quickly go over some key information:

  • Readers want to get in, get what they want and get out
  • Readers will scan the article, pausing at headings, first sentences and bullet points;
    as opposed to reading every word
  • Readers like white space so cramming a web page with little breaks and spaces will chase them away.
  • Images and graphics are excellent but don’t overdo it.
  • Use clear, short sentences, and keep it straightforward.

Now that you know what your readers want, start with the following:

  • Change the title (visitors will read the title).
  • Edit the intro by adding your own words, or find a way to rework the original.
  • Paraphrase some of the body.
  • Find areas that could be improved and work in your magic.
  • Change the order of the paragraphs.
  • Unless there’s a good reason to keep the article in sequential order, you can play around with the paragraphs.

Read the article again and see if it’s good enough to post.

With that little formula you will never have a problem with PLR content.

It’s simple, quick and it works.

To your success,

Rich Jablonski  Rewrite PLR

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Who Would Be Ideal To Use PLR Content?

Would You Be Ideal To Use PLR Content?

Have you started to exploit the great power by the use PLR content?PLR content

PLR content would be useful for just about anyone who does any form of internet marketing.

Ideally, marketers use PLR content to generate new content in situations where they need fresh ideas in order to produce quality material every day.

Some individuals need PLR more than others.


Bloggers absolutely need fresh content every day and that can be difficult to produce even for the most enthusiastic writer. Keeping those ideas flowing and producing relevant topics to discuss requires a team of talented writers working round the clock. That’s something most bloggers couldn’t afford to provide.

Since people check in every now and then to see if there are new posts on the blog, it would mean that bloggers need to come up with a way to upload new material so they can keep their site sticky.

PLR would be an excellent choice here because you can actually preselect a bunch of great articles and have them posted sequentially as if on autopilot, leaving you plenty of time to focus on other things.

Blog platforms such as WordPress, blogs are a lot easier to operate because the platform contains all the tools you need. It does all the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on the content.

The great news is you can build a name for yourself as a reliable source of information among individuals looking to get insight into a specific topic.

Blogs are also fairly easy to optimize for SEO purposes. Which is a clever strategy on the part of content creators that will have search engines making major referrals to your site. This will make it easier for anyone searching for related information.

Running a membership program?

Did you know that one of the most profitable business models is the membership club?

Whenever people have to pay to access resources on a website, that presents the site owner a great opportunity to use PLR content. Majority of so called expert-sites which offer expert advice or training guides actually rely on the combination of PLR articles and an in-house team of writers whose job is to re-purpose the content.

Nobody ever has time to create new content, unless their situation allows them to produce content minimally and at their own schedules.

If you have time to create training courses or content for a membership system and keep it fresh and useful without running out of ideas, then you don’t need to use PLR content.

For everyone else though, having another source of information means having more time to focus on other aspects of the website.

To your success,

Rich Jablonski

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Use These Proven Ways To Use PLR Content

3 Proven Ways To Use PLR Content

As a marketer you may know how to use PLR content but you mayuse PLR content not be utilizing it perfectly as a lucrative marketing tool. PLR offers many ways to create effective web presence but it requires proper use of the content.

Learn how you can use PLR content uniquely and effectively to gain traction online.

1. Special Reports

You may already know this, but special reports have a way of establishing you as an authority among niche markets. You may choose to focus on the stock market or the housing market in a specific area but whatever you do, ensure you attract a specific demographic that would be interested in the news.

One advantage of using PLR in this form is the fact that it allows you to gain authority and trust in your target audience, because you provide them valuable news without trying to sell them anything. You must however, develop expertise in a certain area because you still need decent writing skills even with access to PLR.

2. Article directories

You may have taken an article in the past and sliced it up then submitted it into article directories. It’s a common thing among marketers but you may be wondering why anyone would submit articles they paid for. It’s a valid question. But remember when you submit an article you also leave behind a link to your site, so basically what you’re doing is marketing your brand.

When you submit quality articles, you can be sure to generate traffic to your site. As you continue to post the articles, other people will read them and distribute them. Leaving dozens of links out there all directing people to your site.

Many SEO specialists do this as a way to grow the number of backlinks to their sites. Backlinks are important because they give you traffic and they also determine your site ranking when used by Google analytics.

3. Create a course.

You may have found out that people love to sign up for courses online but most eBooks don’t facilitate this.

This is where PLR comes in;

with a little tweaking you can repurpose an article and if you have an automated email system then you have everything you need to start a course on any topic. You can slice up the eBook and distribute bits of it every month so that a single eBook provides an annual course.

The advantage here is that you’ll engage your audience, get to charge them for a fun course and keep your site interesting.

To your success,

Rich Jablonski

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What You Need To Get Started With Private Label Rights

How To Get Started With Private Label Rights

Do you operate a website or get involved in blogging, email newsletters and blasts?PLR

At some point in time you may have felt like you were stretched thin in content and wished you had access to unlimited web content to use. A lot of people are still unaware of the power and convenience of Private Label Rights and as a result they continue to wallow in mediocre marketing.

When you tap into the power of PLR product you move one step closer to to setting up an internet empire, which is of course the dream of most internet marketers. With just a little creativity you can use PLR to earn you consistent income 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

But as is the case with any business, you do need a few tools to make sure efforts yield positive results.

Must have tools.

PLR dashboard: this is a free PLR management program that makes it easy for you to organize content and locate it when you need it. It makes it easy for you to track how much money you’re spending, store login URLs, optimize file count, etc.

Email autoresponder: you absolutely need to have an email autoresponder when setting up an online business. It will allow you to follow up closely on your prospects, manage newsletters and it will give you an easy way to contact your list.

If you’ve never worked with an autoresponder before, you can use Aweber’s training guides as well as unlimited customer support. Aweber is recognized as the leader in email marketing because the platform offers great email deliverbility rates, great customer support, low pricing, and much more.

Reliable hosting: Without reliable web hosting you wouldn’t really be moving forward so look around for a reliable partner and get yourself hooked up. If you choose the wrong host your business could suffer massive downtime and bad support; which in turn would cost you large sums of money.

Processing payments: Whatever type of PLR you choose to sell online, you will need a processing service to be able to charge from credit cards and the like. With payment processors like Paypal or ClickBank you can set up a payment platform in minutes.

In regard to payment, you the product owner will decide on the commission percentage to offer to affiliates and sales made, Paypal or ClickBank should take care of the rest.

When you set up the basics, you can then move on to actually selling your private label rights” products.

To your success,

Rich Jablonski

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You Need These YouTube Channel Benefits

Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel.

Youtube channel benefitIf you are not using video or YouTube for your business marketing,you are missing out on enormous opportunities.

Video marketing helps to boost your online presence. You will get more traffic to your business website and your search engine rankings will improve.

Below are three YouTube channel benefits.

1. Some YouTube Channel Benefits – helps you reach a wider audience

YouTube has more than one billion viewers. This means people watch hundreds of millions of YouTube channel videos every day. A YouTube channel is fifty times likely to appear on the first page of search engines. In addition, videos are good for landing pages, and most business with YouTube channels can testify that this kind of marketing is doing wonders. A very short video can grab the attention of your viewer to want to know more. The viewers will decide to visit your channel so that they can learn more from you.

2. People enjoy sharing Videos

We all love videos and the YouTube channel benefits can do miracles for your business. Just create a YouTube channel and watch how many times your video get shared. These videos can help you reach a market target you cannot reach through other means. Additionally, videos demonstrate things better than people reading am instruction guide or tutorial. Videos help to tell a story to the viewer. In fact, when people watch a video, they do not notice they are being SOLD to.

3. A YouTube Channel is easy to produce

Creating a YouTube channel does not require high-tech skills. In fact, most laptops and computers can create videos as a standard feature. You can even use a smartphone to create videos and upload them to your YouTube channel directly. You can also turn slide presentations from PowerPoint into videos. Video marketing can also help to improve email marketing. A good number of online marketers see an improvement in their email open numbers when they send emails with words such as Video in the title. You can improve your email marketing by embedding videos. Moreover, a YouTube channel can help build a relationship with your market.

Through video marketing, you can be able to show the human side of you and that you are actually a real person. Use the video Youtube channel benefit to connect with your audience and also build a strong relationship with them. Studies show that watching videos helps people increase their confidence when purchasing a product online.


Rich Jablonski

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Streamlining Your Business for Outsourcing Success

Outsourcing Success Your Business Needs


Outsourcing SuccessMost online entrepreneurs try to do everything in their business and never take the time to properly analyze everything they are doing. This means they don’t realize which tasks can be streamlined and turned into processes, which will not only make outsourcing success easier, but will also make their lives a lot easier and efficient. So, if you want to succeed with outsourcing, you need to first take a good look at your business.

Analyzing Your Business For Outsourcing Success

The first step is to make a list of everything you do in your business. Yes, everything! Even writing two word email responses. By making this list you will be able to better see exactly what goes into ensuring your business operates properly.

Once you have this list compiled, you first need to look at what tasks can either be eliminated or merged with others to build a process that will make you more efficient. The more efficient the operation of your business is, the more successful you will be with outsourcing and the less you will need to invest.

So, take a close look at all the tasks on your list and see what can be eliminated and what can be batched together for more efficiency. Then you need to look at which tasks directly produce money for your business. These are essential and where your main focus should be. Everything else is fair game for delegation.

Thus, all the routine tasks you perform day in and day out, all the tasks you find difficult and the ones you really don’t have the skills to do should go on your outsourcing list. Some examples of tasks that can be outsourced include customer service, content creation, bookkeeping, web design and so on and so forth.

Outsourcing Success Means Letting Go

Even after you’ve completed your list and identified what tasks can be outsourced, it’s quite likely you won’t feel comfortable outsourcing because you are convinced no one can do the job as well as you can. Besides the fact that this isn’t always true, especially with specialized projects like web design, it will also hold you back. If you really want to expand your business and live the lifestyle of your dreams then you have to accept the fact that outsourcing is the only way to do it.

Without outsourcing, you will be stuck trying to do everything yourself and you will never get past mediocrity because you will be spending too much time trying to complete routine tasks instead of focusing on building your business.

To your success,

video product creation



Rich Jablonski

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Outsourcing Success


Why You Need to Focus on Video Product Creation

Video Product Creation is What You Need to Focus On

video product creationVideo product creation is easier than ever to develop something that can be sold on the Internet. All right, I know you can’t compete with the big media corporations if your dream is to produce the next Lord of the Rings Trilogy. (In that case, your goal should be to get a job at a production studio and work your way up.)

But creation and distribution of online video products has become so easy-and so economical-that anyone with an Internet connection can become a broadcaster of video content for the Worldwide Web. (The faster your server connection, the better-a broadband connection is ideal for uploading video content to the Internet.)

As an Internet marketer, you need to be aware of what you can achieve by creating video products for sale on the Internet:

* The sale of video products lets you launch an online business with a minimum cash investment.
* If a video product is unsuccessful, it’s easy to pull it off the market without running up losses-you don’t have to invest in inventory to launch an Internet video business.

Find a vision for your video product.

The keys to creating a successful video product are the same as the keys to success in any business venture: establish priorities and stay focused on your goal. Your vision must be to create a video product that adds something of value to your customers’ lives. Inspirational videos and how-to videos accomplish this goal-one of these areas is a good place to start. Keep these simple tips in mind as you start to develop a video product for sale on the Internet:

Focus on your strengths.

Find one thing that you do well and build your video around it. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to fix your weaknesses-we all have them. Successful people spend most of their time doing what they do best-they concentrate on their strengths.

Stay in touch with your customers.

Businesses fail when they stop listening to what their customers are saying. Always approach your video business as a system that needs to be constantly improved to maintain your advantage over the competition. Stay focused on your customers. Concentrate on creating a video product that adds something of value to their lives.

Test the market.

You don’t have to quit your day job to start creating video products to sell on the Internet. Most people think that great companies are established by entrepreneurs who risked everything to test a business idea.

The truth is…

…that many successful Internet entrepreneurs launch and test their business systems without quitting their jobs.

You can create a video product without leaving your job, test the market on your web site or blog, and tweak the business system until the profits tell you when to plunge into the new business full time. Your chances of success can be greatly increased by making a gradual entry into an Internet video business.


Learn more, click here Video Creation

To your success,


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Two Common Mistakes Made By Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Make These Two Common Mistakes.

Affiliate Marketing beginnersThis article is going to deal with the two common mistakes most affiliate marketing beginners make when taking action to achieve their goals. However, this article is not here to attack beginners. It is only here to teach you how to avoid mistakes and make it.

In fact affiliate marketing beginners, I want to appreciate you for taking action where many just read but never apply anything. Knowledge does not help in any way if there are no practical actions.

We can at least help you adjust your path if you have found yourself in similar situations to the ones mentioned in this article. It is so easy to make you achieve your goals if you have started doing something.

Let us start with mistake number 1.

“I have 5 websites but none of them is making me any money!”

If multi-tasking is your plan to getting things done, then I am sorry to tell you that you are in the wrong business. Closely check WHY you are not making any money. Are you not making money because you are spreading yourself too thin?

Personally speaking, I have never succeeded in having more than one website work for me at a time. This has always been the case especially if I have not yet made money from the 1st website before the 2nd one.

Remember that putting the cart before the house will cause one big headache. “I am not making any money online in the internet marketing it seems like a dead end”

The 2nd Mistake Most Beginners Make

I was personally got in this trap when I was a beginner. I am sure many other beginners are also experiencing this. The trap is: The best way to make money online is to sell how to make money online products and services. This is the 2nd mistake most beginners make.

It sounds like a plan to me. However, there is only one problem here. Most of the successful marketers in internet marketing were previously successful marketers in other profitable niches first.

Some of these niches include health and dieting, pet grooming, cooking, gardening and so on. They were qualified to teach other marketers how it is done.

It is very difficult to find someone who has made in in the Internet marketing niche before succeeding in other niches for one major reason: You learn how to successfully market products as an affiliate promoting other people’s products in different niches outside the obvious way to do it.

Making money in the internet marketing niche is not impossible. The truth of the matter is that it is very difficult to make money if you are new. Therefore, when you focus on lesser known niches that are not easy a target as the IM niche, you are on the path to success.

It is very hard to teach someone how to make money when you don’t know how to do it yourself. This is because of the fact that a large portion of your sales will always come from your message, actual ability to market anything online and your confidence.

The ability to market any product or service online comes from successful experiences making money in other niches. Even though there are many more mistakes beginners make, these are the two biggest ones that I am sure will prevent you from making the same mistakes.

I hope this article helped you.

Rich Jablonski.comaffiliate marketing

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Complete Guide To Making Money Online

This is a Complete Guide To Making Money Online

make money onlineWhen it comes to making money online, many of the so-called “gurus” try to make things more complicated than they really are in order to convince you that you need to buy their products to learn how everything works. The truth is, however, that earning money online is not difficult or complicated. By following the guidelines set forth below, you can be bringing in money consistently before you know it.

1. Find out which problems people within your niche are currently struggling with. Choose one of these problems and develop a product that helps solve it. People are always willing to spend money on products that provide a real solution to a problem they have been facing.

2. Test your product extensively before you launch it. Not only will this help you determine whether or not it really works, but it will also allow you to gather testimonials. If possible, try to get the testimonials in audio or video formats since people tend to give these types of testimonials more credence. Ideally, the testimonials should portray the fact that the users are delighted that your product helped solve their problem.

3. Once you know your product works, the next step is to write your marketing copy. Be sure to make your writing as powerful as possible, incorporating elements of storytelling, humor and honesty. Make sure that your product is something people are truly interested in purchasing. Don’t just make assumptions. Instead, proactively seek out opinions from forums or other online resources to find out which products resonate the most with your potential buyers.

4. The next, and most challenging part of the process is to bring highly targeted traffic to your offer. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by purchasing a solo ad from another marketer within your niche who has an established mailing list. As long as your offer is compelling, this can be a fantastic way to drive people to your site and increase your orders.

5. Don’t forget to pre-sell to your visitors. This typically involves telling a compelling story about your product that ignites your visitors’ interest and makes them want to learn more. Once they make it through the pre-sell, you can then direct them to your sales page. By this point, they should be ready to make a purchase. Keep in mind, however, that no matter how far along in the sales funnel people are, you need to keep reminding them why they want your product. Sending visitors directly to a sales page without first capturing their interest with an engaging story is a surefire way to fail.

6. Make sure your sales page is as well-written as possible. If you are like most people, you will be better off outsourcing this part of the process to a writer who has plenty of experience writing copy that sells. Although it may cost you a bit of money, it is money well spent when you consider how dramatically the sales copy could affect your sales.

7. Don’t forget to incorporate back-end offers to make even more money. Keep in mind that it may be worth it for you to either break even or lose money during your initial transaction with a customer if it means that they sign up to your list. Once they are on your mailing list, you can market related products to them over and over again. This offsets the initial loss and helps set you up for future success.

8. Make building a responsive mailing list one of your top priorities. Work hard on getting people signed up to your list, and on sending them compelling content so that they stay there.

That’s how easy it is to make money online. There really are no secrets. Instead, it is just a matter of showing up and doing the work. As long as you apply yourself each and every day, you should be able to start earning money online before you know it.

To your success,

Rich Jablonski

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