Use These 7 Ways To Re-purpose PLR Content

7 Ways To Re-purpose PLR Content

Have you seen how everyone nowadays wants to show how they are becoming healthier by paying PLR Contentattention to diet and eating ‘lite’ versions of their favorite foods? Well, this particular trend isn’t exclusive to your local restaurant. With a little effort you can transform otherwise mundane PLR material into a ‘lite’ version of your own IM strategy and you will be amazed at how many people buy into your masterpiece.

What are some of the ways smart marketers re-purpose PLR content?

Here are seven ways:

1. Disabling features.

This works in the case of PLR software products. You simply disable some of the features in the program, which then creates a ‘lite’ version, and then you make it known that more features are available if users upgrade to the full version.

2. Reduce and Email.

If you have written content, you can chop it up into smaller but still useful articles or training tutorials which would then be loaded into the autoresponder. This works perfectly when you’re offering a multi-part course, such as a ten part course on how to lose weight.

3. Trim for article directories.

Another reason to slice up PLR content is for article directories. The purpose of these article directories is to allow online publishers to take your articles and post them on their own websites, whereby each article or tutorial posted will have a link to your site.

4. Create content for free publicity.

You can cut down your content and use it to gain some publicity, and hopefully, get paid as well. One way to do this is to use the ‘lite’ version of the content as a basis for a press release, and submit the newsworthy item to distribution websites as well as your local media. If your content gets published you will get publicity as well as payment.

5. Create high-ticket course.

Many marketers use low-price PLR products to establish the foundation of a sales funnel with a plan to lead their customers to a high-ticket course later on. These types of courses can be compilations of products or in some cases, a seminar. You can combine a number of PLR products with your own material to create a new, exciting course.

6. Bonuses

Bonuses are extremely important in any marketing plan although sometimes they’re taken for granted. Combine PLR with new products to create a solid selling point for one-time-offers and up-sells.

7. Create a membership zone.

Another way you can use your PLR is by charging people a monthly fee to access exclusive content for download. It’s a simple yet profitable system and it works every time. Find the right eBooks or articles and give them some edge, then pile them up in the exclusive membership club.

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